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Molecular Biologist turned Software Engineer. I write about my code. Connect with me on Twitter @etTinchen

Improve your search engine performance and site ranking with SEO in headless WordPress CMS + Gatsby and a Gatsby/Markdown CMS app

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Headless WordPress CMS + Gatsby + YOAST SEO

The following newsletter collection helps me stay up to date on exciting coding topics with lots of fun articles and posts. I highly recommend these to anyone who wants to learn and up their coding game 🔥

men in hoodie throwing gaming controller in air
men in hoodie throwing gaming controller in air
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  1. Go make things by Chris Ferdinandi. You can get daily JavaScript tips with…

How to get Google Analytics page view data into Algolia records via NodeJS, Github Actions, and Github Secrets

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If you are new to Algolia, 👉 check out my blog post on how to implement Algolia on a Gatsby Site 📚

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Easy to follow step-by-step tutorial with lots of pictures

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This tutorial assumes you already have Algolia implemented and have data to send to Slack. If you would like to get started with that first, here is a tutorial on how I implemented Algolia in our Gatsby App.

  • Set up a Slack App
  • Get the Algolia API Keys
  • Create a GET request in Postman to store our Algolia Search Results in a global variable
  • Post the global variable data from Postman to Slack
  • Setup a Monitor in Postman to update Slack with Algolia Search Terms every week
  • Bonus

Setting up a Slack APP in your Slack App

How to create alias for your most used terminal commands

$ ls -al
$  vi .zshrc

Christina Hastenrath

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